What is conversion tracking code/pixel?

Conversion tracking code (sometimes called pixel) used by Skrz.cz is similar (not the same) to conversion codes used by Google Ads. It is a short Java script code which is put on a conversion page - a page shown to customer after an order is completed - for sending an information about a completed order to our servers. Most importantly IDs of bought items, amount and paid price.

Your advertising campaign at muj.skrz.cz uses this information to achieve your advertising goals, to show you what are customers interested in, what they bought.

The campaign mainly learns from these data in order to advertise the best offers available - the ones with promising or great revenue. It can reduce advertising of offers as well, if they won’t perform - to reduce advertising costs.

Where to put it?

You need to be able to edit your website and identify a conversion page on your website, usually it is a page a customer sees after making a purchase. For example: “thank you for your order” page (with bank transfer payment details) or “Your payment has been successfully processed” page, in case of using a credit/debit card or PayPal, etc. payment.

Add our conversion tracking code to your “conversion page”, it needs to be there at all times. Non Skrz.cz transactions included.

Show the conversion code manual to your programmer ;)

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